Meet Ann-Eliza Musoke and Brian Taylor

Who: Ann-Eliza Musoke & Brian Taylor

Where: Ybor City

Your Linked Business: The Yates Law Firm, P.A. & Second Screen Cult Cinema

Best Restaurant: La Terraza Italian Restaurant

Best Bar/Tavern: Mermaid Tavern

Favorite hangout: Fly Bar

Secret Gem: Waterworks Park

Favorite place to stay: The Sands of Treasure Island (short trip across the Bay)

Favorite local business: Alvarez CPA Group

Favorite Neighborhood spot: The Bricks of Ybor

How long have you lived in your current residence and what drew you to that area?: We’ve lived in Ybor Heights for 13 years. We fell in love with the 1913 craftsman style bungalow, the proximity to downtown, and our neighbors, some who’ve been here for generations.

What is a typical weekend like for you?: You’ll usually find us: reading, listening to records, watching movies, having friends and family over for a communal meal, brunching on the porch…We’ve always got a bottle of bubbles chilled and we love company if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

What makes your favorite neighborhood spot your favorite?: The Bricks of Ybor is in walking distance, the staff is great and the cocktails are fantastic. It’s a spot you feel comfortable alone or with a group.

What are some non-profits you support?: We have been longtime supporters of Tempus Projects. Tracy Medulla Reller who is a talented working artist herself has created a gallery space that encourages community and collaboration.

We also are supporters of Second Screen Cult Cinema, which is a non-profit film collaborative. We both love movies and any opportunity to screen films for people, many of whom are seeing them for the first time, is always fun.

(Ann-Eliza is SSCC co-founder and co-curator)

What would you like people to know about the non-profits you support?:

If you’ve never been to Tempus Projects, you’re missing one of the best galleries in the area. It’s a volunteer based organization which is run with grant support, art sales and donations. Support the arts by getting to know this gallery and all the interesting projects they bring to the community.

Second Screen Cult Cinema- The best part of SSCC is the dialogue that comes out of strangers getting together to experience a movie and to talk about it. Unlike going to a movie at a conventional theatre, SSCC offers insight into the film and gets people to stick around after the credits roll to talk about what they saw. In a world where we can watch movies on our phones, we can unintentionally isolate ourselves. SSCC reminds us that experiencing things as a community can really change how we see the world.

What would you like someone moving to your neighborhood to know?: V.M. Ybor is a neighborhood with a definite sense of community. We have a very active neighborhood association, we say hello to people who walk down the street, we have porch parties every month and we take care of each other.