Meet Tatum Murphy and Craig Butz

Who – Tatum Murphy and Craig Butz

Where – Carrollwood Village

Your Linked Business Pepin Academies and K12 International Academy

Best RestaurantCepas and  Iavarone’s Italian Steakhouse

Best Bar/TavernWorld of Beer

Best HangoutCigar City Brew Pub (with our toddler we spend more time at Gator Fred’s, The Florida Aquarium, Citrus Park Mall, and our pool)

Secret GemBallyhoo Grill

Place to StayThe Emerald Green Resort

Favorite Local Business – Cigar City Brewery (Umm…I think we like this place!)

Favorite Neighborhood Spot – The super hoppin’ new playground right near the Carrollwood Village Shoppes, we walk there and then pop in for a pizza pie at Slice Masters across the street.

How long have you lived where you live? What drew you to that area?

We have lived in Tampa for about 2 years and Carrollwood since July of 2014. We were originally looking in South Tampa and Seminole Heights, but decided to expand our search into Carrollwood. Having a kiddo, our priorities shifted from being close to hip restaurants and nightlife to family, safety and convenience. We wanted Teagan to be able to ride like the wind on her hot wheels in a family-friendly relaxed environment. Carrollwood Village is conveniently located next to the highway, the mall, and every store imaginable – we get all of our errands done in a jiffy and there are a gazillion restaurants just a scoot away. There is a nice variety of people living here, from young families to sweet grandmas – we also lucked out with awesome neighbors. Added bonus is a brand new kiddie park and community garden in walking distance. In our neighborhood, everyone waves hello and we really believe that they mean it.

What is a typical weekend for you like?

Up at the crack of dawn, walk to the park, head to the farmers market at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, jump in the pool, early dinner at Cigar City Brew Pub – repeat. We mix that up with going to the beach, aquarium, mall or some other Tampa adventure.

What makes your favorite neighborhood spot your favorite?

The park is brand new and built for ages 2-10, there are no freaky openings were kids can go splat. Families congregate there and you get to meet your neighbors. Rumor has is that a city park with several amenities may be moving into our neighborhood in the next few years.

What are some Non-Profits you support?

We support Pepin Academies, because it is a school like no other. It is a place where students with learning and learning-related disabilities, who never felt like they belonged, finally belong and thrive. As educators, we are strong supporters of school choice and charter schools in our community and beyond.

We also support Women’s and Girl’s Cancer Alliance based out of central Florida. We support this organization because it is largely focused on advocacy and educating the community on the silent symptoms of Ovarian Cancer and other female cancers. Tatum’s mom devoted her final years to volunteering and helping to grow the non-profit organization in their infancy years. Our family presents an award each year, Judy Murphy – Jeanne Lowke “Celebrating Women’s Lives” Award, to a nominated and deserving woman at the annual Teal Magnolia Luncheon Event in Orlando, Florida.

What would you like people to know about the Non-Profits you support?

Pepin Academies is a free charter school for students with learning disabilities up to 21 years of age with 3 locations now in the greater Tampa area – Hillsborough, Riverview, and Pasco.

If you are reading this and are a female, or have 1 or more females you love in your life, take a moment to educate yourself on Ovarian Cancer symptoms as there is not currently a mandatory or regular test occurring at annual check-ups

What would you like someone moving to your neighborhood to know?

Carrollwood is relaxed, safe, convenient to all areas of Tampa and the coast, has every convenience imaginable, and is a great place to raise kids. One of the things I love most about the community compared to other newer communities is that there are beautiful mature weepy Oaks, Palms, and Cyprus trees. With a nature reserve close by, we get to observe a plethora of bird life in our neighborhood.