Welcome to Florida! Where we love our easy friendly lifestyle and remaining the center of national media attention. Florida is not for the faint of heart. In fact, refer to it as a “living room” and not a “waiting room” like the old adage states.

Tampa Bay, is the home to magical sunsets, the Rays, the Tampa Bay Lightning, a rich diverse history, mermaids, pirates, craft beer, premium cigars, and thrives on sun worshiping activities of all varieties. Our cost of living is affordable and our weather is an easy sell no matter where you are coming from. Florida is the top 5th fastest growing state and just became the 3rd most populated state in the US. Our quality of life in Tampa is understated and it seems that we have been discovered with a high rate of people and businesses recently flooding our market. Tampa’s story is just beginning.

Tampa Bay sits on the central west coast of Florida and consists of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, which make up the largest population in Florida second to Miami then Orlando. The history of Tampa has a layered tapestry of culture and although it is now a popular tourist destination it has not always been this way. The economy and business is better than it has been and more and more visitors are coming here. Tourism, banking, medical, and industrial are our main source of revenue with sites set high on attracting tech companies as we continue to grow and offer a balanced work and play model.

The best time to visit Tampa is February-April with my personal recommendation of March unless you want to join in on the Gasparilla activities that invade our city during February. Tampa is well known for being in the Guinness World Records for having the most days of sunshine in the world, having the longest continuous sidewalk in North America (#BayshoreUSA), and having the longest rolled cigar. We also have miles and miles of clean golden coastlines to discover each weekend. The history of Tampa interests many of the visitors and finding out about the different meanings of the name is the first thing of interest. Tampa is believed to mean “the place to gather sticks” or “sticks of fire”. Some believe this is why the lightning strikes here a great deal in the summer months. The lightning storms are incredible! Join us for our annual Hops+History tour each October to learn more about our city!

If you are considering relocating to Tampa, our services include a full dog-n-pony show of the local highlights and amenities of urban Tampa including Bayshore, Hyde Park, South Howard (aka SoHO), Downtown, Davis Islands, Harbour Island, Channelside, and Ybor City.

I would highly recommend the book A Land Remembered should you want to learn more about the history of Florida. It is a personal favorite and an award-winning novel.

We look forward to earning the opportunity to work with you and helping make your life in Tampa incredible!